Important Information for EBCTV Producers


It is important all East Bridgewater Community Television Producers take the time to properly fill out all necessary forms and return them to the EBCTV Staff. The EBCTV Producer Agreement and Indemnification Form for Specials or Series Programs must be filled out by each producer and placed on file. The "Special" form only needs to be filled out once but the "Series" form must be filled out every 12 episodes or once a year (which ever happens first). The EBCTV Studio Request Form must be filled out each time a producer wishes to record a show in the studio. This form should be filled out completely and correctly, and returned to the EBCTV Staff at least 48 hours prior to the recording date or live telecast. Producers should determine from the EBCTV Staff if the studio is available BEFORE booking guests and crews. It is strongly suggested producers e-mail the EBCTV Staff and offer two or three possible dates and times for recording. The EBCTV Staff will check the studio schedule, and determine if there is a mutually accepted time for the recording or live telecast.
It is also the responsibility of all East Bridgewater Community Television Producers to obtain (download available) Consent and Release Forms from all guests and individuals who appear on camera during the show.